About Ashton

dsc_2809-copyFor the entirety of my career as an attorney, I have been representing homeowners, landowners, consumers, and debtors with a variety of financial and credit issues.  I enjoy representing these people rather than the faceless corporations.  It gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction to help people going through hard times.  

About My Business

At the top of this webpage are links to the areas in which I typically serve clients.  If you click on a particular area you can read several articles that I have written to hopefully provide you with some general information that may be relevant to your situation.  If after reading the articles, you decide that you have questions regarding your particular circumstances, please call me or send me an email by clicking the “Email Ashton” button on the right hand side of this website.

When someone is being harassed or sued by the debt collectors; about to have their home foreclosed upon; having land taken by the government; or have inaccuracies on their credit report; a creditor or corporation may treat a person as if it has the upper hand and that the person has no rights.  My focus is not only on helping my clients to know their rights, but also to figure out what their best options are and how to best proceed.  My goal is to learn about your particular needs and situation so that you can get pro-active advice about the laws and regulations that may affect your life.

About Me

As you can see from the picture above, my family is my priority.  I have a beautiful wife and three awesome sons.  Most of my free time is spent playing in the backyard or at the park.  I grew up on a cotton farm in Colorado City and spent most of the summers of my youth either “in the fields” or hanging out at the lake.  I went to college at Texas Tech, and I still spend way too much time analyzing how the Red Raiders football team is going to be next year.

About My Education and Experience

I went to law school at Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas.  While there I excelled in legal research and writing, and I worked as a teaching assistant for the research and writing course.  I also served in the law clinic which gave me my first taste of representing the same type of client that I am representing today.  

I graduated with honors from Washburn in December 2007 and after taking the Texas bar exam, became licensed to practice law in Texas in May 2008.  As I said above, I have been representing homeowners, landowners, consumers, and debtors from the first day I was licensed as an attorney.  I have written articles relating to financial and credit issues and I have had Federal Court decisions published regarding my cases.  From May 2008 to May 2012 I worked at a law firm in Dallas that represents clients having financial and credit problems.  My wife and I then decided that we wanted to be closer to family and get back to West Texas.  I have had my own firm since that time.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about how I can assist you, whether you have a pressing legal need, or you just have questions.  Please call me at my direct line, email me, or fill out the contact form on this page and I would be happy to help.