Debt Collection Defense

Are your creditors or debt collectors aggressively pressuring you to pay or are you being sued on a debt?  If you are being sued, it is likely for the full balance of the account, plus attorney’s fees, plus court costs, plus post-judgment interest.  If you take no action, it is possible that the creditor will obtain a judgment against you.  Many of my former clients have come to me feeling helpless, angry, or tired.  If timely action is taken however, it may be possible to avoid the entire claim, or at least part of the claim.  

Several factors can determine what options are available to you and which option is in your best interest, including:

  • Which creditor, debt buyer, or law firm is pursuing you;
  • The age of the account;
  • The amount claimed due; or
  • The Court you are in (if a lawsuit has been filed).
Depending on these and other factors, it may be possible to successfully defend the case in Court; it may be possible to settle the account for a discounted amount; or, depending on your total financial situation, bankruptcy may aid in resolving the issue.  The options available to you are dependent on your personal situation.  For a free 30-minute consultation regarding your debt issue with a local, Abilene Attorney, please call me at 325-261-3005 or email me at